If I Had to Start Web Development All Over Again This 2021

If I Had to Start Web Development All Over Again This 2021
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To my 5-years-ago-struggling-self, I assure you it will get better so stay intact and just enjoy the ride.

“You will never be 100% ready, so just do it anyway.”

I will create a plan and set timelines

When I started almost 5 years ago, I didn't really have any plans; I was just curious and fascinated by the idea of creating websites.

Then I was reading an article online about free resources, then I found out about Java, C++, Ruby, PHP, and Databases and then I found myself jumping from Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Javascript along aside MySQL.

It was very confusing trying to learn everything at once; I end up knowing the general concept and practice but I really didn’t know how to use them on my own without following tutorials.

I realized I was wasting my precious time, but thankfully it didn't take me a while to start all over again but this time I made up my mind about what programming language to take first, creating a timeline so I can force myself to really do what needs to be done.

I learned that you really can achieve anything as long as you know your destination, as long as you stick with the plan. For as long as you do what needs to be done, nothing is impossible.

It’s just a matter of wanting it so badly that there are no other options but to succeed.

Looking back, I know in my heart that every single bit of the journey was so worth it.

I will focus more on the fundamentals

Most of us would want to jump on what is fun like taking on tutorials that in the end will create a project.

But that isn't always the best idea. Running to the fundamentals, learning the very basic, on repeat over and over is not a choice, but a requirement.

You can’t just jump into the libraries and frameworks just because you think you know a little Javascript, I was once guilty of this as well, but realizing our mistakes is the most important way to learn and grow.

We have to really grasp and build a solid foundation of programming, it’s easy to get lost, everyone does, but the important is to have the courage to accept that we do, and do something about it.

If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would spend months banging my head on Data Structure, Mathematics, Algorithms, and Problem Solving, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

I will stay focused and consistent

I won’t let myself jump from one programming language to another, just like I did in my first few months.

I was like running in a circle, trying to catch up with the trend, trying to listen to what the people say, and I end up learning nothing but the general knowledge.

Later I realized most of the reason they kept rejecting my job application was that it has too many technologies listed, they are not interested in the bragger, they would rather want to hire someone who has a few items in their stack but knows exactly how to use them.

Someone who can build real projects using actual programming languages and not an empty head arrogant who thinks she knows everything when the truth is she knows nothing, yup that was me years ago.

So I changed my perspective, I changed my identity; I needed to if I want to get that first job.

I chose a few that I want to be in my technology stack and forget everything else; I focused and stayed consistent.

IT worked!

I will be more patient

And understand that every venture that is worth taking will always take time and hard work.

We always forget this important principle.

But every day is a new chance to change the things that we don’t like, and pursue the things that we do.

If you don’t like where you are, move.

To be honest, I have been so hard at myself, I’ve put too much pressure on it hurt me more than it serves me.

We sometimes forget that life is supposed to be lived, to be enjoyed, while chasing our dreams.

We could spend the whole year with just work, it is possible, I did, but it isn’t sustainable, at the end of the day, we are just human beings, who socialize from time to time, who enjoys the moment from time to time.

So when you are in the situation where you feel exhausted and tired, trust me your body will tell you no matter how hard you hide it, so take your time, take a day off, sleep the entire day, it doesn’t matter because you always have to choose yourself, the world can wait.

I will forgive myself and give myself a tap in the back more often than I did

We have to be more gentle, not just for others but most importantly with ourselves.

Our greatest supporter is ourselves, and it should be, we cannot be there for others if we can’t even be there for ourselves.

The best way to share good things, love, and positivity and encouragement is to first give it in ourselves. Once you do this, everything else will take care of its own.

Even the smallest achievement is still one step close to our so-called dream so we must appreciate it more, we should celebrate often, a joyous heart attracts blessing, the more thankful you are the luckier you get, I’m a huge believer myself, I’ve done it myself.

If I had to start all over again, I’d be more relaxed, loosen up, and enjoy and appreciate every milestone, because we only live once, and the best part of every journey is the journey itself, the stories we should remember until we arrive into our destinations.

So tap yourself in the back more often than you do, you deserve it, appreciate all the small victories.

I will be more conscious of everything I hear and read

I will read about the trends, news, and good books, but I will also do my research about it instead of just taking it all in without really understanding and asking questions.

You can’t just take advice from anyone, use your brain and scan whatever it is that you hear or read, do your diligence, and know the truth.

Do yourself a favor and start applying this practice.

Just because someone is saying that this subject is the truth doesn’t mean it is the universal truth, you have to find it out yourself, everyone has their own opinion, their opinion should not automatically become yours.

Unless you do your research and your logical thinking, do not accept it.

Everyone’s understanding is based on their own perspective.

Years ago a friend told me to take on Ruby on Rails because it's the best there is, I spent months trying to learn that language but couldn’t get any job at it because there was no job posting; he was based in a different country so the demand was different.

What works for others doesn’t mean it will work for you, so do your job and know the truth for yourself, and stop living in auto-pilot.

I will make time in finding the best mentors to follow

The best way to learn is to learn from the best there is.

You don’t have to start from scratch, work smarter than harder, its a sure way to fast-track your growth and success.

Why start from scratch when you can start using the advice, wisdom, and perspective from those who are already on the top, for those who are already living the life that you want?

The mentors or the people we look up to are there for a reason, they are shaping our vision, consciously or unconsciously, so make sure that whoever it is that you are trying to follow, make sure that they are the kind of people that you would want to be around, or to be like in the future.

I didn’t realize how powerful this is until after a few years of working; it changed me a lot; it helped me clear my vision; I have never been so sure about the things that I want until I found some good ones.

So make sure to follow only those people who are living the life that you want to have or people who give genuine advice and wisdom, regardless of its positive or negative, it will always be something to learn from.

Do not reinvent the wheel, use it instead.

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