Hi there!

Hi there!

I'm Ann Adaya!

I'm a Software Developer.

I taught myself how to code 8 years ago, and boy, oh boy, look how far I have come from self-taught to Senior and Tech Lead.

My journey to  self-taught developer started when I was 25 years old, I never knew anyone who succeeded, I didn't know if it will work either– but it's the best shot I have into freedom– not necessarily with money but with time.

It all happened so fast,  a colleague of mine who is so pissed and ready to quit his job told me about this organization that offers study now pay later web developer course, I was so interested mostly because (1) I want to quit the current job we had (2) I can work anywhere/anytime as long as I have a laptop and internet (3) High pay.

So I  bought a second hand laptop, researching for free tools and resources any way I can because unlike my colleague he can just quit and still be able to afford going to school, but I can't I have a rent to pay and I don't have my parents' support.

And I think the one thing that made a huge difference is that I have big dreams.

Everything is possible.

It all started with wanting something better, accepting things as they are  into showing up every day no matter how uncomfortable it is, and how difficult it was dealing with imposter syndrome and insecurities, this is actually very common for self-taught developers.

Life is simple. We are just too good at making things complicated.

It doesn't really matter if you finished a CS degree in a university or learning all the necessary skills on your own, we are just too narrow minded because that is how we were taught– go to school get a degree and work your arse off, instead of focusing on the skills, mastering it– because in my almost a decade of experience in the battle field of programming– the only thing that matters really is if you get the job done.

The managers, CEO, doesn't really care about your diploma, if you have the skills, the focus, the ambition, and the will to finish the job, responsibly, accurately, successfully you will achieve far greater things than those with honors, and highest scores at school.

Life is short; live your life, and chase your dream because you deserve the life you truly want– once you understand that your life is yours, things will never be the same.

"What you think you become"--brought me to where I am today.