10 Best Tutorials To Learn Backend Development

10 Best Tutorials To Learn Backend Development
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Programming isn’t about what you know; it’s about what you can figure out.

“Don’t write better error messages, write code that doesn’t need them.” — Jason McDonald

Backend Development — is mostly about how everything works in a web, a piece of software, or an app, it is mostly the backbone of how an application works.

However, as technology evolves, most of these functions can now be handled in the Frontend, especially with Javascript Frameworks and Libraries.

Everything that is happening in the backend is hidden, so some aspiring developers are not really hooked on this area of development, because there’s no User Interface, there’s no much to see, I am guilty myself.

To be honest, at first, I thought there is no fun in here, as you all know I am a Self-taught developer so I really don’t have the bird’s eye view of the entire Software Development process, but as I got my current job a couple of years ago as a React Developer, I was exposed to a broader view.

Little that I know, I was about to enter a whole new world.

I’ve got myself into MERN Stack (job demands not by choice) which is one of the most powerful stacks if you dreamt to be a Full-Stack Developer, completely modern technologies.

One year fast forward of intense training and work as a Full-stack developer, I must say, I am hooked.

I never could have thought I can become one, I never thought I can do all these things, trust me — it is so powerful and so big, the world indeed is about to change because of these powerful and intelligent tools that we the developers can use, to create more, do more and make the world a better place for the future generation.

But the thing is, it needs hard work, it needs a lot of patience, it needs a lot of sleepless nights and craziness, I never said it would be easy, I never said it would be hard, I am saying it is VERY hard but definitely worth every bit.

I’ve been working as a developer for more than 4 years, and I am still spending my weekends and holidays studying and learning, the learning curve of frontend and backend are way different, all the logic, the mind-blowing stuff is all in the backend, so mind your brain.

Once you get through this and understand how everything works, how they are all connected, you’d be very well delighted at how amazing this is, it’s just so powerful, incredible, this knowledge is a gift.

So here are some tutorials to learn Backend Development, ENJOY!

Java Training | Java Full Course for Beginners (Full 11-Hour Course)

Learn Java by Marcus Biel (Full 9-Hour Course)

Learn PHP and MySQL Tutorial by Code With Dary (Full 7-Hour Course)

C# Full Course by FreeCodeCamp.org (Full 24-Hour Course)

Ruby/RUBY on Rails Tutorial by KnowledgeHut (Full 6-Hour Course)

Python for Beginners by Tech with Tim (Full Course 6-Hour Course)

Intermediate Level Python Tutorial (Full 6-Hour Course)

SQL: Full Database Course Tutorial for Beginners (Full 4-Hour Course)

Node JS Full Course for Beginners (Full 4-Hour Course)

Node JS Full Course by FreeCodeCamp.org (Full 3-Hour Course)

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