10 Best Tutorials For Python Today

10 Best Tutorials For Python Today
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In the world of developers, learning never stops.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” — Chinese Proverb

We all have different ways of learning but I urge you to not just watch video tutorials but also to read up and learn this kind of teaching which is reading up first the Programming Language’s own documentation.

As well as the documentation type discussion that covers Python’s basic fundamentals that includes all its terminologies, properties, and many more.

There are so many things to learn in tutorials like this, and if you want to become a good developer then read up and practice the documentation-first approach, it will not just help you improve your skills but it is a good discipline and habit.

If you prefer reading documentation then check out these 5 documentation type tutorials for the absolute beginners, and some are interactive even before we proceed to the remaining 5 Python’s best video tutorials today.

Python Documentation

If you have been a programmer or developer for quite some time then you have probably understood that above all else, the programming language most important source is its — documentation.

And before you spread yourself into Google as you learn a new programming language, it is highly recommended, for like forever, for you to first read its own documentation, it’s not optional, it is conventional.

Read it up, every learning should start here, if all the experts and senior developers always start on the technology’s documentation — then so should you.

Check out Python’s official documentation here:

Python For Beginners

Welcome! Are you completely new to programming? If not then we presume you will be looking for information about why…


The Python Tutorial - Python 3.8.6rc1 documentation

Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple but…



Datacamp offers an interactive way of teaching Python.

If you check out their website, you need to create an account so you can access their introductory course, no credit card requirement just create an account and you are good to go.

Other than Python, they also have other introductory courses offered like R for Beginners and even SQL to enhance that database skills of yours.

So, check out their website, and who knows you probably are more effective with interactive courses than reading or via video tutorials.

You’ve got nothing to lose anyway since they offer it for free.

Check out their website:

Introduction to Python

Master the basics of data analysis in Python. Expand your skillset by learning scientific computing with numpy.



As one of my favorite interactive programming websites, I would highly recommend for you to take on this Introductory course, it will help you enhance your knowledge in Python — with this 25-hour course.

Just create an account and you’re good to go.

And if you are interested in other programming languages or technologies, Codeacademy offers a lot of other introductory courses as well, you have to bookmark this website, they are one of the best, providing not just high-quality courses but they offer a lot — FOR FREE!

Here is the course for Python 2:

Python Tutorial: Learn Python For Free | Codecademy

Learn Python, a powerful language used by sites like YouTube and Dropbox. Learn the fundamentals of programming to…



W3Schools is one of the oldest free-resource-open-for-all websites, they have been running for like a decade, and myself including started reading up about Web Development here — almost 5 years ago.

So don’t underestimate the power of documentation-type tutorials, they will save your life a hundred times, it would be your go-to website whenever you need to look up into some properties.

W3schools offers as a cheatsheet not just for Python but for almost all Programming languages out there. I’ve learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript properties and terminologies here.

So bookmark it, save it, make it your cheat sheet as well.

Check out their website here:

Python Tutorial

Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript…



Programiz.com offers a document type resource for learning Python, just like w3schools.com, where you can read up all its components and topics from beginner to advanced.

This website will teach you how to set up your python environment up to your first hello world, even up to Python’s advanced modules like object, class, closure, iterator, and many others.

Check out their website here:

Learn Python Programming

Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language. Our Python tutorial will guide you to learn Python one step…


Python Crash Course by Programming with Mosh

Here’s a tip: If you are interested in learning something new like a new programming language, a library, or framework before you plunge yourself into that technology, try checking out a crash course first so you can save your time for the more important stuff.

And for Python, I recommend you take on this crash course, it will explain what Python is in general in a beginner-friendly approach.

The channel Programming with Mosh is one of the best free resources out there when it comes to Web Development and Data Science.


As you usual, Freecdecamp never disappoints.

Here is another high-quality full course for you, a 4-hour course that talks nothing but Python.

This course is created by Mike Dane, one of my top mentors in which I have been following since I started, he is my teacher for Database, specifically MySQL, and now he is teaching Python.

If you wanted to learn also about Databases then follow Mike Dane’s channel here:

Mike Dane

Hey, welcome to my channel! This channel has one simple goal, to create the highest quality and entertaining…


CS Dojo

CS Dojo is one of the popular teachers on Youtube, if you check out his channel he has over 1.5M subscribers.

He is a very good programmer who used to work at Google.

He offers an entire playlist of Python tutorials that has over a million views.

Here’s the link for the entire playlist:

The Complete Python Course For Beginners by Tech with Tim

This is a FREE Python 6-hour course for absolute beginners.

You would really want to take on this course, it will teach you the very basic fundamentals of Python programming, there are no pre-requisites meaning you can dive in without prior python knowledge.

From Beginner Python Programming to Object-Oriented Programming, to Intermediate level python all the way to teaching you the advanced Python features and functions.

Good luck!

Intermediate Python Tutorial by Patrick Loeber

And here is a brand new tutorial featured in the Freecodecamp.org channel.

For those who have already been into Python for quite some time and wanted to take its skills to the next level then this is a perfect course for you.

At first, it will discuss an overview of the basics just to freshen up some stuff like Lists, strings, and dictionaries. Then it will proceed into more advanced topics like Threading, Multiprocessing, context managers, and many more.

This tutorial was created by Patrick Loeber, if you are interested then check out his channel here:

Python Engineer

Free Python and Machine Learning Tutorials! Hi, I'm Patrick. I'm a passionate Software Engineer who loves Machine…


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