10 Best Project Tutorials For Self-Taught Developers

10 Best Project Tutorials For Self-Taught Developers
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The best way to learn is through the best tutorials and resources.

“Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” — Abraham Lincoln

As you take these tutorials below, make sure that you will give it time, give your full attention if you are serious in becoming a developer, then you must respect the time of studying and understanding because becoming a developer will change your life, not just with the career growth and job opportunities, but it will change and affect all areas of your life.

Especially when you are a self-taught developer, making the impossible possible is a dream come true, it will hard that’s for sure, but the journey itself is the reward. So wherever stage you are currently, just know that whatever is worth chasing and having will not come easy, so just learn as much as you can, you have to give it some time for you to understand it thoroughly.

No matter how hard, just keep going, keep learning, eventually, everything will start to make sense, but for now, just keep going and keep moving forward. Make it happen, whatever it takes.

“It is never too late to be who you might have been.” — George Elliot

1 — Learn HTML5 and CSS3 From Scratch (11hr course) By Freecodecamp

This is one of the best introductory course as you start your Web Development journey, learning the basic fundamentals are important for you to build a solid foundation and understanding of the Web Development ecosystem.

Freecodecamp is one of the best resources you can find online, they provide not just quality tutorials, but they also gave us the free resources that are ads-free, pretty much every developer’s dream!

Here is a really good introductory course to start building that fundamental understanding, good luck!

2 — One Page Full Website Project — HTML, CSS Responsive Website 2020

This is a one-page website tutorial using the fundamentals of Web Development, HTML, and CSS and using one of the most important features now which is the Fully Responsive design, which is perfect to add on your project portfolio.

You will also learn how to add hamburger menu, pseudo-elements, and last but not the list, source code will also be available on the video description.

So set up everything and start coding.

3 — CSS Tutorial — Zero To Hero COMPLETE COURSE (6HR- Course)

This is one of the best Free CSS Tutorial for beginners.

CSS is one of the fundamentals of Web Development, and CSS will forever be in our stack no matter which area of development you will be going as you progress. I’ve started as a Web Developer until I transition into Mobile Development, and now almost 4 years after I got a not so new job as a Software Developer, and CSS is still on my checklist on every project we built and as well as the future projects.

This is one of the best especially for newbies, so, start coding!

4 — Free Course: Beginner Web Design Using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript ( 4hr Course )

This is not just informative but enjoyable at the same time after this course you will be able to have your mini-project that will help you as you build up your portfolio.

  • It will introduce you to HTML and CSS and Javascript
  • You will then start to Build a Restaurant Website using basic HTML and CSS, with a great design, you can add this into your portfolio as you go along.
  • Next will be building a Motorcycle Website, so we can level up, try to analyze the instructor’s coding style too, maybe you can learn some valuable techniques that you would like to use.
  • You will then be introduced into learning how the website should be mobile-friendly, how to make the website responsive, responsive means the website design will adjust depending on the size of the screen, one good piece of advice is when you build a mobile-friendly website is a good practice to do mobile-first design.
  • You will then be introduced to Bootstrap, it’s a framework you can use for faster development when it comes to the structure and design, bootstrap will help you accelerate when it comes to designing, CSS design will take time but if you are in a hurry, bootstrap will be your friend.

5— Beginner Vanilla Javascript Project Tutorial

This isn’t just about the course, but Dev Ed is one of the best instructors in Web Development.

I have learned a lot from him especially in developing my Javascript skills, and up until today, he is my go-to when I was learning Redux last year.

He is a really good teacher, he is one of my mentors, though he doesn’t know me, on my Self-taught developer journey I’ve had a series of mentors that helped become who I am today, and he is one of my top 5.

I highly recommend you follow him or if you are interested in Udemy courses, his Javascript courses are great, you can see it for yourself, read up the feedback, and see how many students he has.

Though this isn’t a complete course because this is just an introduction to his Udemy course, still it’s worth the try and worth your time.

6— How To Learn PHP and MySQL with Practical FULL COURSE

If you are interested in learning PHP and MySQL, then this is one of the best introductory courses you can find.

He is also a good teacher, and you can learn a lot from the basics into intermediate.

When I got my first developer job, other than the 3 fundamentals HTML, CSS and Javascript, I also added PHP and MySQL into my stack when I was learning, and it helped me landed my first job.

So try this course, and I assure you it will be worth your while. Good luck!

7 — Java Full Course (9HR Course)

I’ve never learned Java, it just seems so intimidating, but if you are pretty serious when it comes to understanding how to think like a programmer, then take this course and see for yourself.

Even after a decade, Java still remains to be one of the in-demand skills in programming, even when Python is capturing everyone’s attention, still, Java remains solid.

This is a 9-hour course, don’t take it in a day, take the course slowly but surely, make sure to understand it well.

8 — PHP Programming Language Tutorial Full Course

Here’s another PHP Programming course, one of the best introduction for PHP, you will learn Object-oriented programming and Procedural programming.

This is also good for beginners, so grab your pen, paper, and coffee and start coding!

9 — Step by Step ASP.NET MVC Tutorial Course For Beginners

ASP.NET is a good introductory programming language so you can build a good foundation if you aspire to become a hard-core programmer.

Take this course, and learn as much as you can.

10 — Create a C# Project Tutorial With MySQL Database FULL COURSE (6HR course)

NOTE: This video does not include any sound.

The developer is probably shy or is having a hard time when it comes to his English vocabulary, not everyone got English as their first language and I truly understand him.

English is just my third language but I am trying my best to help as many developers as I can, especially the self-taught developers. But I cannot just ignore this tutorial because I really find this very helpful and one of the best C# tutorials out there.

So before you even take this course make sure that you are comfortable with just nothing but visuals, this tutorial also got a lot of good feedback despite the absence of the sound effect.

And if you find this tutorial helpful and of use, please don't give thanks to our developers who are providing free tutorials especially for us Self-taught developers, not all heroes wear capes, and not all heroes speak English but they are doing their best to help.

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle

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