10 Best Project-Based Tutorials To Learn Full-Stack Development

10 Best Project-Based Tutorials To Learn Full-Stack Development
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This is where the real magic happens — the first time I had a touch in this world of full-stack, I was in awe.

“”You can’t use an old map to explore a new world” — Albert Einstein

Load up your guns, let’s build an amazing new world. — Ann Adaya

but first, prepare your brain cells.

Defining stack

And a full stack developer in its simplest words is someone who can develop both the frontend and the backend, or in other terms, a developer who can build both the client and the server.

These developers work from designing the application/system, building the application, the client and the server-side, handles and manages the database, and some even include the DevOps (for some).

A quick discussion, Frontend Stack includes, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, etc.

And the Backend Stack includes PHP, NodeJS, C++, Java, Python, ExpressJS, SQL, MongoDB, REST, C#, ASP.NET, Ruby, etc.

And stacks include MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Reactjs, NodeJS), MEAN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS), Django Stack (Javascript, Python, Django, MySQL), Ruby on Rails (Javascript, Ruby, SQLite, and Rails), etc.

Complete Full-Stack Website Development with PHP, Javascript, MySQL

If you are just starting out learning Fullstack, or someone who is just exploring this heavy stack, I would suggest starting with these technologies first.

It is advisable to start learning SQL databases instead of jumping right away into NoSQL, which for example is MongoDB, and this tutorial is using SQL in which is MySQL

In this tutorial it uses the very fundamentals of Web Development, these were also the technologies I used when I started more than 4 years ago, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and MySQL.

Good luck.

NodeJS, Express and MySQL Tutorial — Simple Fullstack App

Now we are going into a little more advanced stack, which is Nodejs and Express, this stack isn’t very common, most of the projects that include Nodejs and Express mostly use MongoDB as their database.

But in this example it uses MySQL.

React and NodeJS Tutorial — Build a Full Ecommerce Website (5hours)

Probably the most popular combination of technology, ReactJS, and Nodejs.

Coding Discord Bot Dashboard Full Stack Application (MERN STACK) 4HOUR Course

MERN Stack Project-based 4Hour — tutorial.

Build a Hotel Reservation Project Website using Contentful, Netlify, and ReactJS Intermediate 6HOUR Course

When I started learning Reactjs, this tutorial was one of the project-based tutorials I took, and it blew up my mind, lol.

This tutorial requires an intermediate level of understanding with ReactJS, but it is a good experience, and it introduces Netlify and Contentful which are very good tools and alternatives when it comes to handling data.

Good luck.

Django and ReactJS Full Stack Course

Building a project using Python on the Backend and React for the Frontend, a full 7.5hour Course for Free.

You are not required to finish the entire course in a day, in fact, I would highly suggest for you to take your time in learning everything in this resource.

An hour or 2 a day is enough, and make sure that you give your full attention within those allocated hours.

Quality over quantity always wins.

React GraphQL Course in Building A Social Media App (MERN-G Stack) 6Hour Course

Here’s another very popular tutorial, a project of social media app using MERN stack, what else could you ask for?

Take note that you really don’t need to finish a long tutorial in a day, what matters is you understand how it works, why it works and how these powerful technologies connect and support each other.


Full Stack with React and Firebase — Building Social Media App

Build a Twitter-like Application with Python Django and ReactJS Full Tutorial 12.5HOUR Course

Here’s for the Python-lover-developers.

Full Stack Web Application with Vue.js and ExpressJS ( 7HR Full Course)

This is a 7HR full course, so make sure to take some time and understand the lesson thoroughly.

PS: This is quite a rear tutorial, so bookmark it.

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